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Get personalized class recommendations based on your WHOOP Recovery and Day Strain Score. In the red? We’ll suggest classes designed to help you rest and recover, until you’re in the yellow or green—then we’ll challenge you to dial up the intensity.

Experience immersive classes led by expert instructors—all in one app.

Get unlimited access to an ever-growing library of immersive classes—featuring an unmatched cinema-like video and audio experience that puts you right in the center of everything. 

Athletic training 

From MetCon to Stacked! with Equinox to conditioning and weight training with Rumble, move with the best of the best and put your athleticism to the test.


From Karyn to James and Victoria to Claire, all of your favorite SoulCycle instructors are here. Clip in to on-demand and live rides as you sweat it out with fellow members of the pack.


Ground yourself in peaceful slow flows, challenging vinyasa, and more. Open up your mind and heart to a strong, healthy practice with PURE Yoga.

Be transported to the front row of a cinematic, dynamic class experience that’s a step above.

What our members are sayingWhat our members are sayingWhat our members are sayingWhat our members are saying

Best workout app on the market. Absolutely worth the money.

Christie R.

Terrific. Equinox+ will be part of my fitness routine for as long as I can get it.

Biff C.

Just like real life SoulCycle classes, this app is life-changing.

Rosa H.

Power your pursuit—
 wherever you are, whenever you’re ready. Start your complimentary 7-day trial now.