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The Bike

Get the best seat in the house—your house. Clip in, sprint, climb, and tap it back on the SoulCycle at-home bike.

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New on Equinox+: [solidcore]

[solidcore] combines pilates with strength training to create workouts that focus on time under tension. There’s no jumping or pounding—only slow and controlled movements that will make you sweat and shake, and help you tone all over.

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Sweat with Equinox, ride with SoulCycle, throw down with Rumble, recover with TB12, and more—only on Equinox+.

  • Cycling
  • Yoga
  • Strength
  • Meditation
  • HIIT
  • Walking
  • Stretch + Recovery
  • Sculpt
  • Running
  • and more

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Iconic instructors and immersive live and on-demand classes—wherever you are, whenever you’re ready.

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